Digital Services

With most youth sincerely active on Social Media, Digital Promotions through online campaigns is necessary to reach out to the mass. So we have a team of experts who cover your social media presence & promotions on all social media platforms.


  • Making Facebook Page of Political Party
  • Making third-party page (Fan Page)
  • Regular awareness campaigns about works done & visions of the party.
  • Promoting Hashtags by posting appropriate hashtag trends.
  • Create groups & communities based on social campaigns to maximize reach.
  • 24*7 Messenger support to keep the public connected
  • Paid Promotions for Posts, Videos, Photos & events.


  • Setting up Twitter account of the Political Party to set up political narrative
  • Setting up 3 rd Party accounts related with party
  • Regular Tweets & Retweets about Works, Visions & Goals of Party
  • Growing party’s twitter account using trending hashtags.
  • Trending party’s hashtags
  • Keyword-based tweets to maximize the impact
  • Increase followers through groups, mails & tools
  • Sharing tweets to various platforms to maximize the reach.

·       Setting up party’s Instagram account

·       Setting up 3 rd Party accounts

·       Increase followers on-page by boosting or sharing them

·       Use of trending Hashtags to maximize reach

·       Active reverts on comments to keep public connected


·       Setting Youtube Channel & promoting it to reach out to the maximum audience

·       Writing & publishing Meta-data for every video

·       Making video viral by sharing & promoting it to various other platforms.

·       Regular Channel Tracking to analyze growth.

·       Paid Promotions by Youtube Advertisements


·       A Dynamic, CMS-based, device-independent webpage that is updated daily.

·       Daily update of local area information to keep people aware

·       Party’s Portfolio with contact information so that people could connect.

·       Highlights of works done by party

·       Update on party manifesto

·       All Social Media Links highlighted on website to keep people connected.

Email Marketing

·       Engage educated people with emails.

·       Track their online activities regularly

·       Collect their feedbacks & testimonials to approach them on Social Media.


·       Account creation on various forums like quora.

·       Active participation on each forum to give appropriate answers to the queries.

·       Q/A analysis of party to increase popularity.


·       Making whatsapp groups at state-level & spreading the messages of work done by party through bulk message service.

·       To share social media posts & videos in various Whatsapp groups.