Google Adwords

Brand Recourse provides the Google Adwords (PPC) Solutions to our clients.

Our experienced and Adwords certified team helps our clients to deliver them pertinent and good traffic on their website.
We are keen to give maximum ROI to our clients via Ppc advertising services.

Google Adwords is a very effective buzzword in the industry that is very useful in engendering relevant traffic on your website. Adwords offers CPC & CPM advertising and site targeted ads for Text ads, banner ads and opulent-media ads.
Brand Recourse provides a host of forms of E-mail marketing for you to choose from, that suits your business dimensions.

These amend the visibility of the websites on SERP, with the use of digital marketing, revenue shoots up by optimization of the keywords in a website.

This is completed when the website is brought up in the ranking order as a search result.

Google Adwords

The Brand Recourse Benefits

1. This is ensured that there are better conversions in search engine result. SEO and SMO campaigns take some time when with regular hits and the website becomes top ranked. But with Google Adwords, they render us with less popular keywords which have lower bounce rates and results in the successful campaign.

2. Pay per click companies helps to give a better CTR with the existing ranking.  This directly affects your inability to monetize your traffic flow on your website. With low click via rate, visitors just fly off by your site and you loose on valuable advertising money. With a normal keyword, you might have a good ranking but an Adwords will give you better CTR to capitalize on the advertisements on your site.

3. Boosting Search Engine Ranking with Google Adwords With the help of Adwords keywords tool, we will conduct research on the keywords to be used in your website and online promotion campaign. So that  we can make optimum utilization of these keywords, which are more easy and simpler to optimize  and also yield a good paid search ranking for your website.

4. Geo-targeting: In order to target concrete geographic areas, Google Adwords allows the advertisers to select the customs area in order to limit who views their ads.  Google Adwords helps in targeting ads geographically to find out which location is rendering you with best numbers and in turn you can have a local-based website/ business enterprise to increase the business revenue.

5. IP and Frequency Capping:  Google Adwords have a feature to remove the junk visits on any website or landing page. We can cap visitors on IP or frequency basis to redeem unique and genuine traffic on the website.

6. We help our clients to avoid the extra edge, prevent time and in the long run, save money on futile marketing campaigns & also suggest them to go with Google Adwords for better result and getting maximum ROI.  We make Google Adwords campaigns as it is more result-oriented and web optimized service.