Peformance based Ads

This is our forte at Brand Recourse and has done the myriad of program campaigns for sundry products with excellence for the sizably voluminous number of clients. Online marketing for you is marketing or promotion of products & services via the utilization of internet and web. Thus, it is withal called internet marketing, web marketing, web advertising or E-marketing.

This is not only encompassed of promotional campaigns that run across the web but also include the programs that involve e-mail and wireless media. It is all about targeting the digital client database, utilizing gregarious (social) sites and search engines, which aims to establish an electronic customer-client relationship to boost the revenue, product sales and brand recognition.

This medium assembles the technology behind internet with the ingeniousness of experts to design, develop, promote, advertise and online sale of products & services. This can be achieved by means of strategic CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA intervention for business magnification. With the colossal surge in online activities, online marketing too has visually perceived the sudden boost. The competition in the virtual business sector shoot up due to the sudden boom, in this way the Brand Recourse Technology Pvt. Ltd gives you all around arranged and strategic promotion for your business. CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA are methods utilized to promote product ads or site on the other sites.

The Brand Recourse Benefits

An online marketing approach (CPM, CPC, CPL & CPA)  is focused over advertising goals. Brand Recourse avails you the inducing and supporting communication of your brand or product,

CPC (Cost per Click)- In this method, the publisher of the ad gets paid for the number of clicks on the ad placed on the site. To obviate fraudulent clicks, IP address is locked. These rates are tenacious by the advertiser and the publishing company.

CPL(Cost per Lead)- In this method, as per the mutual agreement between publishers and advertisers, the payment is made on the basis of the number of sign-ups made. It is utilized by the companies that needs solid leads where they place the text, graphical or flash ad on the publisher’s site to cause replication to their advertisement.

CPA(Cost per Action)- In this method, any activity done by the viewer on the ad, the publisher gets paid for it. The amount may vary for distinctive activities as it is very homogeneous to CPL