IVR Solutions

Literally, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) refers to an automated telephony system that communicates with the callers in a form of keypad or voice commands, also assembles the relevant data, information and directional calls to the suitable beneficiary.

IVR hosting or interactive voice response service is a new technology that enables the businesses to gain an advantage of motorized calls and that too without investing on a particular appliance.

IVR technology enables a computer to communicate with humans via the usage of voice and DTMF tones figures through the keypad.

Frequently, IVR hosting firms builds up their own IVR technology, which is saved in their personalized web servers. They render the genuine services via the hosted IVR, that may fluctuate enormously, and to a great extent it relies upon the usual and unusual requirements of the client & customers.

Mostly, Virtual phone service is utilized for banks, BPOs, KPOs and marketing campaigns. This system now can be used for in-house and workplaces that can allow saving a great deal of cash and resources.

The desired information can be recorded and stored in the computer via a microphone that will be notified to the client on dialing the definite number.

When the customers query about information, this Virtual Phone operates in a voice mode system in which it answers in “yes” or “no” straightforwardly and in addition to other data that clients may require, is all done by a human recorded voice.

Besides that, it also inquiries about the questions related to the customer’s doubt and therefore, the customer can give the answer by just pressing a number displayed on their telephone’s keypad like 1, 2, or 3.

It allows the individuals to obtain the voice mail, message transfer, protect the desk hotlines, automated phone poll, information lines, account status, sales or product ordering, appointment scheduling, fax on demand and so forth.

Benefits of IVR

– Significantly brings down the expenses
– Maintains the administration levels
– Higher level of computerization
– Increase the call handling limit
– Automate repetitive requests
– Enhance data services.