Digital Services

With most youth sincerely active on Social Media, Digital Promotions through online campaigns is necessary to reach out to the mass. So we have a team of experts who cover your social media presence & promotions on all social media platforms.

Scope of Works:


  • Making Facebook Page of Political Party
  • Making third-party page (Fan Page)
  • Regular awareness campaigns about works done & visions of the party.
  • Promoting Hashtags by posting appropriate hashtag trends.
  • Create groups & communities based on social campaigns to maximize reach.
  • 24*7 Messenger support to keep the public connected
  • Paid Promotions for Posts, Videos, Photos & events.


  • Setting up Twitter account of the Political Party to set up political narrative
  • Setting up 3rd Party accounts related with party
  • Regular Tweets & Retweets about Works, Visions & Goals of Party
  • Growing party’s twitter account using trending hashtags.
  • Trending party’s hashtags
  • Keyword-based tweets to maximize the impact
  • Increase followers through groups, mails & tools
  • Sharing tweets to various platforms to maximize the reach.


  • Setting up party’s Instagram account
  • Setting up 3 rd Party accounts
  • Increase followers on-page by boosting or sharing them
  • Use of trending Hashtags to maximize reach
  • Active reverts on comments to keep public connected


  • Setting Youtube Channel & promoting it to reach out to the maximum audience
  • Writing & publishing Meta-data for every video
  • Making video viral by sharing & promoting it to various other platforms.
  • Regular Channel Tracking to analyze growth.
  • Paid Promotions by Youtube Advertisements


  • A Dynamic, CMS-based, device-independent webpage that is updated daily.
  • Daily update of local area information to keep people aware
  • Party’s Portfolio with contact information so that people could connect.
  • Highlights of works done by party
  • Update on party manifesto
  • All Social Media Links highlighted on website to keep people connected.

Email Marketing

  • Engage educated people with emails.
  • Track their online activities regularly
  • Collect their feedbacks & testimonials to approach them on Social Media.


  • Account creation on various forums like quora.
  • Active participation on each forum to give appropriate answers to the queries.
  • Q/A analysis of party to increase popularity.


  • Making whatsapp groups at state-level & spreading the messages of work done by party  through bulk message service.
  • To share social media posts & videos in various Whatsapp groups.

Content Services

  • Content for speeches, press, and wherever required.
  • Proper R&D for past works, Mission & Visions & Goals before writing Contents
  • Regular articles on Forums, Social Media & Blogs.
  • Press release Documentation

Video, Photography & Documentary Services

  • Dedicated Team to send recent images & clips to Video Editing Team
    • High-quality, informative Videos
    • High-quality presentable & attractive photographs
    • Photographs with other members & people for the popularity of Party
    • Help in creating a Documentary film of the candidate

  Media Management

  • Managing Media for reputation building of Party
    • Covering all Local or national Print media & Electronic media to provide the best results beneficial for Party.

Strategy Management

  • A special team of strategists & analytics to continuously study the data of every constituency and identify the data useful for party.
    • Proper Road map & strategies of development to reach out to maximum voters.

Call Centre

  • Team of Experience Callers to connect with Voters & collect data of voters & other prospects in the constituency.
    • Regular calls to local people to keep them engaged with the party
    • Proper training to the callers


  • Getting regular feedback from the voters of the constituency to collect data
    • Public attention so that the local public could know the party
    • Direct Contact with voters without physical appearance to increase the number of voters in the constituency

Perception Management

  • Campaigning & promotion of Party by Influencers like famous  singers, motivational speakers, celebrities etc.
    • A dedicated team to develop a comprehensive plan that includes door knocking and calling to identify voters and persuade them about the candidate/party.
    • Data analysis and monitoring help in defining the needs of the voters.
    • Targeting the needs of the voters and changing the perception of the voters using specific marketing tactics

Election Management

Promotional Material Management

  • Managing promotional material stock through CRM.
  • Managing position/location of flex.

Vehicle Management

  • Adding GPS Trackers on Vehicle.
  • Track and decide the vehicle’s route.
  • Managing vehicles in Rally, Jansabha and other events.

Gathering/ Meeting Management

  • Arrange Meetings, Rally, Jansampark and any Promotional Events.
  • Deliver Meetings, Jansabha and Rally messages to the public.

Daily Routine Management/ PA

  • Create Daily meetings, major events, rally schedules in advance.
  • Collection of data regularly by the field manager.

Volunteer Training Program

  • Regular program organized to train our volunteers for organic social platform reach.
    • Booth management
    • Polling station management by trained personnel.

Voter Application/Database management

Data of voters is the most vital thing in Election Management. Our dedicated team is there to collect data whether it is from surveys or voter’s applications. It comprises the offline storage of all the voters’ data.

Voter Application

A customized offline one-stop voter finding application and survey tool to differentiate between different kinds of data and to find voters on a micro-level. Maintain your elections through our Election Manager, a secured and intuitive application interface. No particular technical skills are required.

  • It authenticates voters in the constituency.
  • It helps in surveys by gathering informative authentic data.
  • It helps to identify the influenced voters so that we can focus on them and can identify them in the crowd
  • It can optimize the data and can generate reports collected by the volunteers.
  • A solution for hassle-free data collection and management