Election Management in a nutshell

Brand Recourse Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a reputed Election Management Company. We offer complete election management package where we work on various aspects of Political Portfolio Built-up. Our Services include:

  • Perception Management
  • Image Building
  • Opposition Post Monitoring
  • Relationship Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Digital Services

Our Election Management Services

Perception management in election campaigns involves strategic communication techniques aimed at influencing public opinion and shaping the narrative surrounding candidates, parties, and political issues. It focuses on managing how voters perceive and interpret information, often through messaging, branding, and media strategies. The goal is to create a favorable perception of the candidate or party and their policies, while downplaying negative aspects or countering opposition narratives. Perception management can include framing issues in a way that resonates with voters, utilizing emotional appeals, and leveraging public events and media coverage to shape public opinion.

Image building is a crucial aspect of election campaigns as it involves crafting and maintaining a candidate’s public image. Perception management services play a significant role in shaping the candidate’s persona, emphasizing their strengths, achievements, and relatable qualities. Image building focuses on presenting the candidate in a favorable light, using strategic messaging, branding, and public appearances to create a positive perception among voters. It involves carefully managing media interactions, public events, and online presence to shape the candidate’s image and differentiate them from competitors

Opposition post management refers to the strategic handling of criticisms, attacks, or negative narratives from rival candidates or parties during an election campaign. Perception management services are employed to effectively respond to opposition claims or negative campaigns. This may involve countering false information, addressing controversies, or reframing the narrative to mitigate damage. The objective is to protect the candidate’s reputation and maintain a positive perception among voters, while also undermining the credibility of the opposition. Opposition post management can include strategic messaging, media responses, public statements, and fact-checking to ensure a strong defense against attacks.

Relationship management in the context of election campaigns focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships with various stakeholders, including voters, party members, volunteers, donors, and the media. Perception management services assist in fostering strong connections and engaging with these stakeholders effectively. It involves strategies for voter outreach, cultivating party loyalty, managing media relations, and addressing concerns or feedback from the public. Relationship management aims to build trust, gather support, and create a positive perception of the candidate or party among key influencers and constituents.

Portfolio building in election campaigns refers to the process of showcasing a candidate’s qualifications, experience, and achievements to build credibility and voter trust. Perception management services assist in crafting a comprehensive portfolio that highlights the candidate’s relevant accomplishments, leadership skills, policy expertise, and public service record. This can involve creating campaign materials, designing websites, organizing public events, and leveraging media opportunities to present the candidate’s portfolio effectively. Portfolio building aims to establish the candidate as a capable and qualified choice for elected office and reinforces their image and reputation.

Digital promotion has become increasingly important in election campaigns, and perception management services play a vital role in leveraging online platforms for reaching and engaging with voters. Digital promotion involves utilizing social media, websites, email campaigns, online advertisements, and other digital channels to disseminate campaign messages, raise awareness, and mobilize supporters. Perception management services assist in developing targeted digital strategies, creating compelling content, managing online communities, monitoring and responding to online sentiment, and leveraging data analytics to optimize digital promotion efforts. The objective is to effectively utilize digital platforms to reach a wider audience, connect with voters, and influence their perception and voting behavior.