Narrative/Perception Management: Narrative/Perception management is the most important part of Election campaigning. Changing the perception of negative voters & ensuring the votes of positive voters is what makes the major difference during Elections. So, a dedicated team will work to understand the needs of the voters and change the voting narrative & perception of negative voters using specific marketing tactics.

Slogan: Political slogans are the mode to communicate the value of the party/candidate to the people. They need to be short, memorable and express the key agenda of the candidate. At Brand Recourse, we come up with slogans that are catchy and speak a lot in limited words, this will catch the attention of the people towards the schemes of Hon’ble CM sir.

Jingles: Few things can drive an advertising message home like a catchy jingle. A good jingle will relate your name with your concept, idea, or promotion. Our Jingles reach the soul of listeners and they might forget everything, but the jingle & your name. Through these Jingles, we will explain the work done by the govt.

Graphics Designing: Attractive graphics are a necessity these days when you are seeking public attention. So we will work on high-quality graphics for the election campaign. Our graphic designs will include:

Rally / Roadshow: These graphics will include the photos from the Rallies & Roadshows.

·      Event Crowd Photos: To highlight the popularity of the Hon’ble CM Sir amongst the people, photos of the crowd attending the events will be clicked & graphics will be designed accordingly.

·      Event Children/ Old Ladies or Gents Photos: These graphics will include photos of Children & old aged people, to highlight the popularity of Hon’ble CM Sir amongst all age groups.

·      Event Main Leader Close-up Photos: Close-up photos of the Hon’ble CM Sir will be taken & graphics will be made accordingly to keep the event in limelight. 

·      Event Stage Photos: Photos of Hon’ble CM Sir addressing the crowd from the stage will be clicked & graphic will be made on same.

Speech: Graphics citing the important quotes & trigger points of CM Sir’s Speech in Rallies.

Emotional Contents on Center & State Govt. Scheme & Beneficiaries Creative: These graphics will highlight various schemes of Central & State Govt. like Prahanmantri/Mukhyamantri Awas Yojna, Ujjwala Yojna, Pension Schemes, etc. These graphics will also include testimonials from the beneficiaries of these schemes.

Center & State Govt. Development Work Creative: This section would consist of graphics highlighting the development works done by the Central & State Govt. The major highlight points would cover development works towards Health Sector, Education Sector, Infrastructural Development, Roads & Sports.

Prime Minister, Party President, Centre Cabinet Ministers, Chief Minister Tour Program Creative: This will cover the graphics of all the tour programs & events as well as the schedule of the Hon’ble CM Sir for the upcoming day.

Before After / फ़र्क साफ है Creative:These graphics will be made to compare the previous Govt. with the current Govt. This will highlight the poor condition of the state under the previous Govt & highlight the developments done by the current Govt.

Slogan & Jingle Creative: These graphics will consist of small & attractive 1 liner or 2 liner slogans & Jingles related to election or development works to enhance the popularity of the Hon’ble CM Sir.

Opposition Negative Campaign Creative/ Cartoons: These animated graphics will highlight the negatives of opposition, and will help worsen the public image of the opposition Hon’ble CM Sir.

Survey: Surveys are one of the most essential part of election campaign. Graphics will be made for election campaign survey highlighting the high win percentage of BJP Govt.

Videos: Videos express a lot in a limited time. Videos are one of the most essential parts of election campaigning. We provide High-quality, informative Videos. Our Videos will include:

Rallies & Roadshows Videos: These Videos will consist of videos & reels from the rallies or roadshows of the Hon’ble CM Sir. Inclusive in these videos are:

·      Rally Crowd Video: The videos of the massive crowd attending the rally would be recorded & would further be edited to be used on various platforms. This help in highlighting the popularity of the Hon’ble CM Sir amongst the people.

·      Rally Public Testimonial video: These videos will include public testimonial interviews from the people attending the rally. Positive words from the public help in enhancing popularity.

·      Rally CM Punch Line Short Video: This section will cover the highlight points & punch lines from the speech of Hon’ble CM Sir.

·      CM Rally Location Helicopter Landing Short Video: Video of Landing, alighting & take-off of Hon’ble CM Sir from the Helicopter would be recorded & edited with various video effects to make it attractive.

·      Rally Glimpse Video: These videos would cover the overall go-through of events, roadshows, or rallies. Basically, this will summarize the entire program in a limited time, highlighting the highlight points of the event.

Centre & State Govt. Scheme Beneficiaries Testimonial: These videos will highlight various schemes of Central & State Govt. The highlighted schemes will cover:

·      Pradhanmantri & Chief Minister Awas Yojna: This section will include the videos from PM & CM Awas Yojna. This will cover the testimonial videos of beneficiaries of these schemes.

·      Ujjwala Yojna: This section will include videos from Ujjwala Yojna. This will cover the testimonial videos of beneficiaries of these schemes.

·      Zero Electricity Bill: Since electricity has been made free up to certain units, many people are getting Zero Electricity Bills, a video would be made on testimonials of beneficiaries of Free Electricity.

·      Ladies 50% bus fare deduction: A testimonial video would be made with ladies sharing their positive views over 50% fare deductions in City Buses.

·      Senior Citizen Pension Scheme: Our team will reach out to the pensioners and take video testimonials of them sharing their positive views over the benefits they are getting from the Pension Scheme.

·      Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna: This segment will include the testimonial of farmers about their benefits from Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna.

·      Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna: This Scheme is started by govt. to promote Small Scale Businesses by sanctioning the desired startups with loans to promote their business. The beneficiaries of this scheme will be interviewed and video of such interviews would be posted on Social Media platforms. 

Influencers Videos:

·      Bollywood, Sports, Musicians, Former Bureaucrat, Facebook & Youtube Influencer Video: Special Videos of Celebrities like Bollywood Stars, Sports Personalities, Musicians, Former Bureaucrat, Facebook & Youtube Influencer, etc. speaking about CM Sir would be made.

·      First Time Voter Video: Youth who are going to vote for the first time would be interviewed & a video of the same would be made

·      NRI & Parwasi Himachali Video: Videos of NRIs and those who are from Himachal but are not currently residing in Himachal would be made.

Ø Centre & State Govt. Development Work Video Shoot: Videos highlighting the development works done by the Govt. would be made. These developments will include Health Sector like the AIIMS at Bilaspur, Education Sector, Infrastructures, Roads, etc.

Ø Song, Slogan & Jingle Video: Nothing stays in mind as long as a pleasing song, attractive slogans or Jingles remain. So a Video or Reel would be made over these kinds of slogans, jingles & songs.

Ø Old Ladies & Children Video: Videos of Old Ladies & Children sharing their emotional views over Hon’ble CM sir would be made. These emotional attachments with certain sections of society help a lot in election campaigns.

Ø Prime Minister, Party President, Center Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister Tour Program Motion Video: Motion videos will be made on tour programs of Prime Minister Sir, Party President, Party State President, Centre Cabinet Minister, and Chief Minister Sir. 

Ø Negative Campaigning Video: These videos help in negative publicity of opposition. Such videos will be made in a funny way to defame the popularity of the opposition leader.

Ø Mimicry Videos: A short video of famous Bollywood dialogs would be re-scripted and with help of qualified mimicry artists, mimicry videos would be made.

ü Infographics: Reports & Analytics play a vital role in politics. We keep a watch on all the analytics & prepare an attractive and bang-on-target info-graphic.  

ü Audio Song: This song would be professionally made after analyzing the local issues & works done by CM Sir and is recorded in the recording studio.  

ü Animated Short Videos: If anything triggers the mind of the audience these days is a comic video. Our animated short video would express the positivity of Hon’ble CM sir in a comic & animated video version.

ü Negative Marketing: Negative marketing of opposition is one of the biggest tools in perception management. We will emphasize the negative marketing of opposition by highlighting their controversial words & works.